DataCell (component)

Component that handles default cell layout and styling.

All props unless specified below will be set onto the top level div rendered by the cell.

Example usage via from a Column:

const MyColumn = ( <Column cell={({rowIndex, width, height}) => ( <Cell width={width} height={height} className="my-class"> Cell number: <span>{rowIndex}</span> </Cell> )} width={100} /> );



Outer height of the cell.

type: number


Outer width of the cell.

type: number


Optional prop that if specified on the Column will be passed to the cell. It can be used to uniquely identify which column is the cell is in.

type: union(string|number)


Optional prop that represents the rows index in the table. For the 'cell' prop of a Column, this parameter will exist for any cell in a row with a positive index.

Below that entry point the user is welcome to consume or pass the prop through at their discretion.

type: number


Whether this cell is currently within the viewport.

type: bool