ColumnGroup (component)

Component that defines the attributes of a table column group.



The horizontal alignment of the table cell content.

type: enum('left'|'center'|'right')


Controls if the column group is fixed when scrolling in the X axis.

type: bool defaultValue: false

This is the header cell for this column group. This can either be a string or a React element. Passing in a string will render a default footer cell with that string. By default, the React element passed in can expect to receive the following props:

props: { height: number // (supplied from the groupHeaderHeight) width: number // (supplied from the Column) }

Because you are passing in your own React element, you can feel free to pass in whatever props you may want or need.

You can also pass in a function that returns a react elemnt, with the props object above passed in as the first parameter.

type: union(node|func)