Codebase Overview

The doc provides an overview of the codebase with a hope to encourage new contributors. Please ask questions or encourage us to add more detail where you think it would assist you.

File Descriptions

Public API

  • FixedDataTableRoot.js
    • Provides public exports
  • FixedDataTableContainer.js
    • Top level of component tree
    • Wraps Actual Table component with the Redux store
  • FixedDataTable.js
    • Uses FixedDataTableBufferedRows for table rows
    • Uses FixedDataTableRow for table headers and footer
  • FixedDataTableCellDefault.js
    • Provides Cell
    • Default FDT cell component
  • FixedDataTableColumn.js
    • Provides Column
    • Configures template for rendering header and cells
    • Also configures column details like width, resizable, reorderable, fixed, etc
  • FixedDataTableColumnGroup.js
    • Provides ColumnGroup
    • Configures template for rendering header
    • Also configure if column group is fixed

Table Render / Component Tree

  • FixedDataTableBufferedRows.js
    • Renders visible table rows (plus some buffered rows)
    • Uses FixedDataTableRow
  • FixedDataTableRow.js
    • Renders a single row
    • Also used for headers & footers
    • Renders FixedDataTableCellGroup, one each for fixed, scrollable, and fixedRight columns
  • FixedDataTableCellGroup.js
    • Renders a div containing the cells for a row
    • Also handles cell recycling
    • Individual cell rendering is done through FixedDataTableCell
  • FixedDataTableCell.js
    • Renders individual cells with the specified cell or header component
    • Handles column reordering display logic
    • Also renders column resize and reorder handles

Additional Components

  • Scrollbar.js
    • Renders the horizontal and vertical scrollbars for the table
    • Used by FixedDataTable.js
  • ColumnResizerLine.js
    • Renders the line displayed while resizing a column
    • Used by FixedDataTable.js
  • FixedDataTableColumnReorderHandle.js
    • Renders the knob used to reorder a column
    • Used by FixedDataTableCell.js

State Management

  • scrollAnchor.js
    • Finds the vertical scroll 'anchor'
    • Scroll anchor decides the first/last row's index amd offset from edge of table
  • computeRenderedRows.js
    • Uses the scroll anchor to find the range of rows displayed in the viewport
    • It also updates the height of these rows using updateRowHeight
  • updateRowHeight.js
    • Updates the row height, caches it, and keeps total scroll height in sync
  • columnStateHelper.js
    • Finds horizontal scroll offset
    • Also manages column reordering and resizing


  • ariaAttributes.js
    • Calculates the aria roles and attributes to be given to our columns, rows, cells, .etc
  • columnTemplates.js
    • Finds the props and template (renderer) for the cells, and categorizes them into a useful format
    • Has lot of logic shared with convertColumnElementsToData and relies on columnWidths
    • Really needs a refactor/cleanup/elimination
  • columnWidths.js
    • Finds the width of each column (and column group if present)
    • Also calculates flex widths
    • Determines max horizontal scroll
  • roughHeights.js
    • Calculates estimates for the dimensions of the content view port
    • Accounts for scroll bar presence and hence gives min/max dimensions
    • Also decides count of buffered rows
  • scrollbarsVisible.js
    • Calculates scrollbar state (i.e., if it should be visible or not needed)
    • Also calculates the height available for the viewport
  • tableHeights.js
    • Calculates height and offset for different components of the table (full table, viewport, scrollbar, etc.)


  • ReactTouchHandler.js
    • Handles touch events and converts them to scroll events
    • Used by FixedDataTable.js
    • Semi-experimental
  • FixedDataTableTranslateDOMPosition.js
    • Helper to shim Facebook's translateDOMPositionXY to work for server-side rendering
  • convertColumnElementsToData.js
    • Parses columns (passed as React component)
    • Gives the templates (cell renderer) for the header, footer, and content
    • Also extracts column specific props (like width, pureRendering, etc.)
  • shallowEqualSelector.js
    • Creates a selector that gets recomputed only if a shallow equal check over the arguments fail
    • Used to create most of our selectors

Public API Index

  • Table (FixedDataTableContainer.js)
  • Cell (FixedDataTableCellDefault.js)
  • Column (FixedDataTableColumn.js)
  • ColumnGroup (FixedDataTableColumnGroup.js)